Why improve your autonomy?

You might want to improve your autonomy compared to the larger society you find yourself in for many reasons. These reasons are not limited to:

  • The larger society is fragile and you want insulate parts of it from catastrophic failure in other parts of the system (reducing existential risk, by making the system more resilient to losses of parts of it).
  • The larger society has no need for you. For example if you are slowly becoming less economically valuable as more jobs are heavily automated. If something like universal basic income is not implemented, then becoming more autonomous might be the only way to survive.
  • You disagree with the larger society for moral reasons, for example if it is using slavery or polluting the seas. You may wish to opt out of the larger system in whole or in part so you are not contributing to the activity you disagree with.
  • The larger society is hostile to you. It is an authoritarian or racist government.  There are plenty examples of this happening in history, so it will probably happen again.
  • You wish to go somewhere outside the dominant society where it does not provide for you, for example living in space.
  • You just want to be master of your own destiny.