How to improve humanity’s autonomy?

To be more autonomous we need to understand autonomy and why it is important to us. We need to discuss it and make sure we are doing what is best for humanity.

The first hypothesis to explore is:

To be able to do more for ourselves we need to be able to manage and understand more.

That is we could own lots of machinery, but we couldn’t be knowledgeable in its use and able to maintain all of it. So we need more intelligence.

We sit on the edge of understanding intelligence. We can either chose to create new intelligence with their own goals and purpose. Or we can chose to augment our own intelligence to improve our autonomy.

If we augment our own intelligence then we can expand the range of tools and manufacturing facilities we can operate and maintain, we can know more about farming and biology. We can become less reliant on other people to know things and produce things for us. Augmenting our intelligence will be the first step in improving the economics of autonomy.

Artificial Intelligence vs Intelligence Augmentation is a very important decision to make for the future of humanity. This community will explore the question of intelligence augmentation and try and make a case that a more autonomous world is desirable.

If our society chooses intelligence augmentation we will need to create computer systems that can manage themselves with our guidance and training, without not adding to our burden of things to manage too much. Computers that will be aligned with our interests without the need of external programmers. This community will explore how to do this by investigating novel architectures of resource allocation in computers. One prototype is agorint.

If you have any questions or thoughts they are welcome on the reddit